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┘My work became a bridge that had to be crossed by young feminists working with their bodies. ┌

Carolee Schneemann

(October 12, 1939 – March 6, 2019)

Carolee Schneemann, multidisciplinary artist who has passed away early this month, has transformed the definition of art, especially discourse on the body, sexuality, and gender. The history of her work is characterized by research into archaic visual traditions, pleasure wrested from suppressive taboos, the body of the artist in dynamic relationship with the social body. 

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Love, Ren Hang

La MEP, Paris


L’exposition « LOVE, REN HANG » présente pour la première fois en France l’œuvre d’un des artistes chinois les plus influents de sa génération.

+ Maison Européenne de la Photographie

Ren Hang, Peacock, Maison Européenne de la Photographie.
© Courtesy of Estate of Ren Hang and OstLicht Gallery



┘ ... Rather have an intense experience than not. ┌


LA-based photographer and filmmaker Clara Balzary has made a reputation for exploring the majesty hidden in everyday banality. Her work, wrapped in a softly romantic hue, finds dynamic form in this atmospheric new film—an exploration of identity within the liminal space between girlhood and what lies beyond it. Featuring Sasha Frolova, Odessa Young, and Joaquin Phoenix, it's a murky piece of chiaroscuro topped off with searing stabs of neon.

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