Simon McBurney

b. August 25, 1957 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, UK

The Encounter
[La Rencontre]

A production by Complicité / Simon McBurney based on Amazon Beaming by Petru Popescu 

The Mayoruna “cat-people” live not far from the headwaters of the Amazon river, in the Javari valley. In 1969, the photojournalist Loren McIntyre journeyed deep into the jungle up to the border between Brazil and Peru. He went in search of their isolated, semi-nomadic tribe. The experience transformed his life. Sixteen years later, in Manaus, he told his story to Petru Popescu. The Romanian writer drew upon it in Amazon Burning, a five hundred page-long novel. (extract Odeon Theatre presentation)

corealisation Kirsty Housley
collaboration to the direction Jemima James
scenography Michael Levine
sound Gareth Fry, Pete Malkin
light Paul Anderson
video Will Duke

Here, Simon McBurney uses it as the basis for an unsettling, captivating solo work. Using theatre of a deeply inventive, contemporary nature spectators are invited to share in this unique voyage in time. Through the use of headphones, each spectator is plunged into a sound universe. The storytelling process becomes an initiatory journey to the immemorial frontiers of the conscience, amidst the echoes of a very different form of nature. McBurney and his company Complicite have gone to great efforts to refine this project, taking on board a team of cutting-edge technicians and expert advice from cognitive science specialists. Complicité’s shows have earned widespread critical acclaim in over forty countries. A regular guest of Peter Brook since 1995, Simon McBurney has returned to France on numerous occasions, notably with Mnemonic (1999). This is the first time the Odéon has received one of his productions. (extract Odeon Theatre presentation)

(Simon McBurney Discusses His Unique Broadway Show, "The Encounter", 2016 | BUILD Serie

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