Philippe Garrel

April 6, 1948 in Paris, France

┘Cinema is Freud plus Lumière. ┌

Philippe Garrel (born 6 April 1948) is a French director, cinematographer, screenwriter, film editor and producer. His films have won him awards at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. He is known for Les amants réguliers (2005), Le vent de la nuit (1999) and Liberté, la nuit (1984).

Liberté, la nuit (1984) Emmanuelle Riva, Maurice Garrel, Christine Boisson

Elle a passé tant d'heures sous les sunlights... (1985) Mireille Perrier, Jacques Bonnaffé, Anne Wiazemsky(...) Music: Nico

Les amants réguliers (2005) Louis Garrel, Clotilde Hesme, Julien Lucas, Maurice Garrel(...) Music: Jean-Claude Vannier

La jalousie (2013) Louis Garrel, Anna Mouglalis, Rebecca Convenan

Home Movie, autour du 'Lit de la vierge' (1968) by Frederic Pardo, with Tina Aumont, Pierre-Richard Bré, Pierre Clémenti, Philippe Garrel, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Babette Lamy, Zouzou

Extract from Frédéric Pardo's Home Movie, filmed in Morocco 1968 on the set of Philippe Garrel's Le Lit de la Vierge - portrait on Liberation (French) is a visual collection of Art stories: 
Photo, Cinema, Art.s, Short, Dance

At the beginning it was the idea of building a small arts library. And then, little by little, the desire to share it. And then, little by little, the desire to share. Choices, preferences, evidence, all assumed.
To know, to learn, a help to remember. Sometimes.

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Video La Salamandre (1971)  Alain Tanner, Bulle Ogier

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