Nina Mae Fowler

An "iconic" artist with an irresistible cinematic appeal

"Fowler’s work plays with the relationship between the sourced image, often of iconic figures, removed by Fowler from their medium and situation, and the new difficult and troubling context in which she places them. Meticulously rendered in pencil or sculpted and cast, the perfection of Fowler’s execution allows the viewer to almost forget the process involved, becoming fully immersed in the challenges of the subject. The clash of deep psychological conflict, the turbulent mix of early black and white Hollywood glamour and it's attendant dark side, are the focus of Fowler's work. She becomes the director of her own drama's, cutting and editing - collaging, in her own vituoso drawings, imagery appropriated from films and the actual lived lives of both celebrated icons such as Marlene Dietrich, as well as unknown figures, drowned in the wake of Hollywood's dream machine. " (source:The Other Art Fair)

The pencil works of Nina Mae Fowler draw us closer to the drawing giving us the desire to touch this soft and attracting area. But we don't cause observation is enough to embrace such color and material. We suddenly need to be back in hindsight. Just the time to get lost in the fantasy universe crafted by the artist.
Her sculptures, some of which are placed in front of the work, as an additional relief, remind us of the the hidden and unfathomable of each cinematographic icon.

Le travail au crayon de Nina Mae Fowler nous attire au plus proche du dessin, nous donnant le désir de toucher cette matière douce et attirante. Mais l'observation seule du détail nous suffit à comprendre le travail de la couleur et de la matière. Soudainement le besoin de recul nous permet d'embrasser ce travail ciselé. Juste le temps de se perdre dans l'univers fantastique conçu par l'artiste.
Ses sculptures, dont certaines devant la toile, un relief supplémentaire, affirme la face insondable de chaque icône cinématographique.

With the courtesy of Gallery Dukan Hourdequin, Paris - France

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At the beginning it was the idea of building a small arts library. Then, little by little, the commitment to share it.
Choice, preference, ignorance, evidence, all assumed.
A desire to discover, an encouragement to remember. Sometimes.

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