Humanity (homage to Meredith Frampton) (2018)
oil/acrylic/monoprint/linen / 71 x 61 in.
© Mircea Suciu. Courtesy of the artist.
“ ... as a reminder of the troubled times we are experiencing.”

Mircea Suciu

“ L’intime en perspectives ”

Mircea Suciu utilise différents medium, acrylique, huile, images de magazines, journaux et autres médias et les associe souvent à des techniques de mono-impression. Les thèmes de ses œuvres sont souvent emprunts de socio-politique et de psychologie. Il porte un intérêt particulier à la façon dont l'individu peut se noyer dans la masse lors des manifestations, s'appropriant son comportement en perdant ainsi sa propre identité.

Pour l’artiste, le processus est au moins aussi important que l'image finale. Travailler en série lui permet de guider le regard afin de lui permettre des perspectives différentes sur un sujet. Depuis peu, il utilise ses propres photographies afin de pouvoir construire, déconstruire et reconstruire différents visuels pour différentes réalités en une unique œuvre. (...)
Mircea Suciu est né en 1978 à Baia Mare (RO). Il vit et travaille à Cluj (RO).

“ Inner in perspectives ”

Mircea Suciu
born in 1978 in Baia Mare (RO), lives and works in Cluj (RO)

Mircea Suciu works with different materials such as acrylic, oil and often combines them with monoprint techniques. For a long time his works were based on images he found in newspapers, magazines and other media. Working on themes like mainly socio-political and psychological orientated, he focuses on the way the individual appropriates the behaviour of the mass during manifestations and therefore loses his own identity. Recently elements, such as props, curtains, covered objects and people struggling with heavy entities, like big balloons have appeared in his new works.

For Mircea Suciu the process is at least equally important as the final image. He likes to work in series in order to exhaust the imagery and to transform them in a way that the viewer gets different perspectives on a certain topic. Since last year he started making his own photographs so that he can combine different realities and visuals in one work. (...) ZENO X GALLERY

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Selected Works

Doubt (series) (2020)
Oil / linen mounted on wood / 42 x 30 cm.
© Mircea Suciu. Courtesy of the artist.

Weight (still life with movie projection) (2020)
oil/acrylic/monoprint/linen / 82 x 80 cm.
© Mircea Suciu. Courtesy of the artist.

Santa Sangre (2020)
oil/acrylic/monoprint/linen / 57 x 51 cm.
© Mircea Suciu. Courtesy of the artist.

Seraphim(1) (2019)
oil/acrylic/monoprint/linen / 144 x 97 cm.
© Mircea Suciu. Courtesy of the artist.

Protection (2019)
oil/acrylic/monoprint/linen / 34 x 25 cm.
© Mircea Suciu. Courtesy of the artist.

The Fall (Noumena series) (2015)
oil/acrylic/monotype/linen / 185 x 140 cm.
© Mircea Suciu. Courtesy of the artist.

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