Chloé Tallot


"Forcément on pense au rouge"

Jérôme Clément

+ Chloé Tallot

Forcément on pense au rouge [ARTWORK]
"Beyond appearance
Using words, colours and images, Chloé Tallot takes Rimbaudʼs experiment beyond alphabetical
length. She asked the writer and founder of the Arte (Franco-German) television channel, Jérôme
Clément, to give a series of 33 words from his books, and to attribute a colour to each one. Red was
the most frequent choice. (..)"

Jean-Luc Monterosso
Director of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie

 is a visual collection of Art stories: 
Photo, Cinema, ShortArt.s, Dance

At the beginning it was the idea of building a small arts library. Then, little by little, the commitment to share it.
Choice, preference, ignorance, evidence, all assumed.
A desire to discover, an encouragement to remember. Sometimes.

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