Trisha Brown

(1936-) accumulation, choreography from "Trisha Brown - the early works" (filmed in 1971)

Trisha Brown's sololos (1976) and watermotor (1978), two pieces choreographed by Brown (the first is Sololos, performed by Brown and Wendy Perron, the second is Watermotor, a solo by Brown. Neither piece is set to music) is a visual collection of Art stories: 
Photo, Cinema, ShortArt.s, Dance

At the beginning it was the idea of building a small arts library. Then, little by little, the commitment to share it.
Choice, preference, ignorance, evidence, all assumed.
A desire to discover, an encouragement to remember. Sometimes.

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Video La Salamandre (1971)  Alain Tanner, Bulle Ogier
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