Peter Knapp

︎  What I pick at the moment I press the  button has something irremediable. The intervention, after the shooting, is for prolonging the work


To go through  the world of Peter Knapp is to accept to be constantly stimulated, following his bright inspiration drived by his curiosity,  often ahead of his time and translated in the media imposed by  evidence. From his studies at the School of Decorative Arts in Zurich, to the workshops of Monticelli and Otto Bachmann, the studio of Paul Marquet where he redrawed the logos of Nrf, Gallimard, his position of artistic director at Galeries Lafayettes (1955-1959) and Elle magazine (1959-1966) after a time spent in New York as Jean Tinguely’s assistant, the making of 42 films Dim, Dam, Dom, .., and then a return to painting today, a colorful trajectory is emerging, reinvented, finally very free.
Peter Knapp, photographer, painter, teacher, artistic director, filmmaker, lively, happy, determined, has this power finely worked to make you dance.

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