Michael Tighe

"I live in Los Angeles. Grew up in New York City. I’ve been shooting photos since I was a kid. It was my dad’s hobby. So I had great cameras and a real darkroom from the get go. Started shooting formal portraits and working professionally when I was nineteen, 1974. Studied with famed portrait photographers Philippe Halsman and Arnold Newman, major influences in my early work.
The mid 70s my career took flight shooting regularly for Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine. From that came lots of fashion work, more magazines and a very bohemian lifestyle. Had a lot of success early on.
To keep things interesting, I started shooting heroin. Made a mess of my life. Lost everything, ending up broke and homeless. It took a while, but got my act together.
Moved to Los Angeles in 1991, working mostly in the entertainment business and in that mostly in the movie business.
2004 I stopped shooting. I needed a break from it and there were other creative pursuits I wanted to devote myself.
2012... I’m shooting again. Loving it more now than I can ever remember."
Michael Tighe

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in order :
Sean Penn - Hurly Burly, couch, LA 1989
Dennis Hopper & Viggo Mortensen
Michael Stipe
River Phoenix (x2)
Sandra Bullock, home, LA 1993
Diana Vreeland
Tippi Hedren
Viggo Mortensen