Laure Flammarion

In the corner. (2008)

Documentaire tourné en DV, 52min
réalisé par Laure Flammarion
produit par Anna Lena Films
Une année à suivre, cachée dans un coin, le musicien-entertainer Gonzales et ses acolytes (Jamie Lidell, Feist, Philippe Katerine…) à travers leurs différentes étapes de création.

ENGLISH Philippe Katerine, Jamie Lidell, Feist or Teki Latex… Those celebrated artists sell thousands of records and symbolize, each in their own way, the revival of the French musical scene.
But they do have more in common: Gonzales.
A performer and composer, Gonzales is the man who is hidden behind most of their hits, also pursuing his own career with already five albums under his belt.
I follow him during a whole year, during the creation of his sixth album, showing his collaborations with his artistic family but also the artist’s intimacy, doubts and fragility.