Justyna Neryng

(b. 1981)

Born in Chelmsko (1981), Poland, Justyna Neryng spent much of her childhood playing with her father’s cameras and dark room while roaming the forests of Chelmsko on the Czech boarder. As an adult, a mother and an immigrant to Britain, her photography has flourished into a substantial body of portraiture. It seems to carry the dark spirit of the forest from her childhood as well as potently baring the scares of modern womanhood. 
In her Childhood Lost project she explores the nature of portraiture and memory.
Justyna collaborated with her daughter Nell.

If you want to know what does the Princess Nell (from The Diamond Age: or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer by Neal Stephenson) looks like, watch carefully on this ideal representation. It's like a dream coming true. You are in the Primer.