When I came across Junku Nishimura's work I felt like I've met a stunning photographer, able to translate a simple moment into a deep sentiment. Shooting people is easy, but giving them the truth and transmit it to the one who is going to appreciate or even judge, is quite impossible if you want to provoque an emotion.
And surely he knows how to capture and transform a "human life second" into a cinematic moment or vice versa, if you prefer.

Not using now high contrast as so many incredible and famous photographers do, is a way to let you hover over sensory tones, as if he was telling us "light is everything, magic". Shooting exclusively film and developing and printing all of his work is not only the point, even if it is all about being passionate by photography. It could be also about silence in a dark room after the noisy life in the street, but I know it is something more. (I will ask him if one day he comes back to Paris;)).

Born in a small coal-mine village in 1967,in Yamaguchi prefecture, western Japan, where he lived until 18. Entered college in Kyoto and he studied Latin American affairs. After college performed as a club DJ, worked as a construction worker and he got a job with a cement manufacturer, worked tunnel construction sites across the country as a concrete expert. And he got a Leica and he began photographing the places he worked. After 18 years working, he quit his job and photographed countries and regions wandering around the world. He now works as a freelance photographer based in Yamaguchi.


All the images © Junku Nishimura / Courtesy of the Artist