Jessica Dimmock


Jessica Dimmock is a documentary photojournalist and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York City. Her body of work, The Ninth Floor, documented the lives of a group of young heroin users over the course of several years.

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The Ninth Floor

We automatically click to scroll through the images. Only our index is trembling enough. But what are we really looking at ? Why this nauseous and compassionate feeling ? Fear ? Sadness ?
Jessica Dimmock, in The Ninth Floor serie, delivers us what we rarely have the opportunity to see without being a voyeur of a so private part of life. Without judgment, only with the desire to show us what is the truth, behind their wall of violence, pain.
To exist.

+ The Ninth Floor project

This project documents the residents of this space leading up to their eviction and follows several of them after as they face jail and sickness, fight and love, attempt to get clean, sink deeper into addiction, go to jail, start families and struggle to survive.

In 2011 Dimmock worked on her first feature, "Without" as co-producer and DP (dir Mark Jackson)
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