Ilse Ruppert

“Since the 80s, Ilse Ruppert photographs the scene in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Paris. She is part of these artists who frame reality and transforms it into art. Few photographers have such a gift to express the essence of live spectacles. Her photographs have the beauty of dreams and the cruelty of nightmares.”
Hans Peter Cloos, Theatre Director, Paris 1998

+ Ilse Ruppert

All the images © Ilse Ruppert and published with the courtesy of the artist

Tribes & Scenes
Christiane F. in her room Hamburg 1983
Punk Love East-Berlin 1982
Prenzlauer Allee East-Berlin 1982
Rip Off – Record shop Hamburg 1981
Andy Gill – Gang of Four London 1982
The Clash Riots in the Markthalle Hamburg 1981
Dead Kennedys Los Angeles 1980
The Stranglers Hamburg 1979
Keith Richards Hotel Ritz Paris 1984
Nena Hamburg 1981
Nina Hagen West-Berlin Mauer 1981
Diego Giacometti Paris 1983
Françoise Sagan Honfleur 1995
Klaus Nomi & Karin Luner Mudd Club New York City 1978
Joseph Beuys Köln 1984
Stileto West-Berlin 1985
Pasquale Ogier and Eric Rohmer 1984
Dennis Hopper – while filming WHITE STAR West-Berlin 1982
Jim Jarmusch Paris 1984
Tchéky Karyo Paris 1985