Gordon Matta-Clark


Jeu de Paume, Concorde, Paris


Here is what we have to offer you in its most elaborate form -- confusion guided by a clear sense of purpose. 
Gordon Matta-Clark

A retrospective not to be missed devoted to the iconic Gordon Matta-Clark, artist, activist, committed, founder in 1973 of the Anarchitecture group with Laurie Anderson and the New York sculptor Richard Nonas among others.

Featuring one hundred artworks by Gordon Matta-Clark, the exhibition "Anarchitect" explores the importance of Matta-Clark’s practice towards a rethinking of architecture after modernism. Embracing a diversity of media that include photography, film and printmaking, the exhibition features a number of works related to contemporary urban culture that further contextualize Gordon Matta-Clark’s compelling critique of architecture.

+ Gordon Matta-Clark / SHOTnLUST FR/EN
+ Gordon Matta-Clark. Anarchitecte au Jeu de Paume FR/EN