Flo and Go


Florence Pierre, Art Director for luxury brands, Photographer and Painter, and Gordon Spooner, Director of Photography and Photographer, are the talents behind Flo and Go, a creative duo formed from alchemy of two complementary creative minds who have long been recognised individually.
Since 2018, they’ve collaborated with the music group Burning Salt. 

RESIDUE (04/2020)

Conception : Florence Pierre
Director : Florence Pierre
Dop : Gordon Spooner
Starring June I

DIRT (2018)

Conception : Florence Pierre
Directors : Florence Pierre / Gordon Spooner
Dop : Gordon Spooner
Starring Louise Mada Lina

Following the controversial closure of Holloway Women's Prison, Burning Salt are releasing an EP of songs dedicated to the site.
Hannah Hull (Burning Salt) is artist-in-residence at Islington Museum as part of the Echoes of Holloway Prison Project led by Islington Museum. 
Burning Salt is the musical vehicle of UK based artist Hannah Hull: Hannah Hull (vocals, guitar), Bobby Williams (electric guitar) and John Parker (double bass).
Poetic, raw and alive, their performances draw on folk, country and blues. A dark and haunting trio of voice, guitar and double bass. In the vein of PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

+ Florence Pierre
+ Gordon Spooner
+ Burning Salt

Mark is a visual collection of Art stories: 
Photo, Cinema, ShortArt.s, Dance

At the beginning it was the idea of building a small arts library. Then, little by little, the commitment to share it.
Choice, preference, ignorance, evidence, all assumed.
A desire to discover, an encouragement to remember. Sometimes.

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