Eva Weber

Night, Peace (2012)

Originally from Germany, Eva Weber is a London-based director working in both documentary and fiction including,
‘The Intimacy of Strangers’ (winner of the President’s Award at Full Frame), ‘City of Cranes’ (winner of the Award for Best Documentary Short at Lost Angeles Film Festival, broadcast on Channel 4 and POV), ‘Steel Homes’ (premiered at IDFA and selected for Sundance) and ‘The Solitary Life of Cranes’ (nominated for the International Documentary Association’s Distinguished Short Award).
Eva has recently been selected for the Guiding Lights mentoring scheme.

"A contemplative study in movement and sound, the film takes the viewer on a journey into the London night, and explores the eerie isolation and fragile peace of a nocturnal urban landscape."

The film is a part of the programme: London - Hidden.
CREATE commissioned three short films about east London, which capture a unique moment in time as the area undergoes the most significant changes in its history.
The films, by Paul Kelly & Saint Etienne, Michael Smith & Wojciech Duczmal, and Eva Weber, trace the artists’ personal journeys through the Olympic boroughs. is a visual collection of Art stories: 
Photo, Cinema, Art.s, Short, Dance

At the beginning it was the idea of building a small arts library. And then, little by little, the desire to share it. And then, little by little, the desire to share. Choices, preferences, evidence, all assumed.
To know, to learn, a help to remember. Sometimes.

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